Vote in France 

The step by step guide  for EU citizens

Vote in France

European Parliament Elections, June 9th, 2024

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Are you one of the 1.5 million European citizens in France?

You would represent around 7% of voters, more than enough to ensure France will not send a majority of extreme right deputies into the European Parliament. Whether you are in France for Erasmus or for a living, it's time to make a stand for Europe and your right to live and work anywhere in Europe. Get registered and vote in France. We show you how.

1. Can I vote?

To vote in the European elections, you need to request to be added to your lcoal electoral list. You have the right to do so, if:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • live in France
  • are an EU citizen
  • have full civil and political rights.

2. What documents do I need?

You need to prepare the following documents:

  1. European Elections (2024): Cerfa 12671*02 (see
  2. Identification - Passport, Identity Card or residence permit
  3. Justicatif de Domile - a document verifiying your address such as a recent electricity bill on your nameIf the electricity bill is on another person's name, you can also use a copy of that person's passport, his electricity bill and a declaration of honor , in which this person states, you are living with her or him.
  4. A declaration of honor to only vote in France in the elections (Online template to fill out)

3. Where can I register?

It is possible to do the registration  (1)  online ,  by mail (please only send a copy of your passport) or by taking the documents to your local Mairie.

You can search for the adresse of your Mairie by entering the name or postal code in the form below.

Click to search: 

    4. Until when can I register?

    Registration is possible until May 5th, 2024, but please don't wait until the last minute and risk not being accepted due to formalities.Create a reminder (ics file) by using the form below.

    Invalid input, latest date is 05.05.2024!

    5. Do you need help?

    Are you stuck or don't know what to do? Reach out to us! This is a volunteer site, but we will try to help you sign up on the electoral list.

    6. How can you help?

    After your registration is completed, you will receive your Electoral card. Spread the message in your network and ask them to register aswell. Every vote will count!

    If you want to share this site or a photo of your electoral card (use hashtags #votefrance #UnVotePourlEurope), you can use:

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